Sunday, April 13, 2008

There is a new site that can really help you conceive!

Recently I was referred to a new website called Instant Conception Center by a friend of mine who knows the founder Melissa Coleman. Apparently this website is supposed to have some very good products regarding conception and pregnancy, but most excited of all are their plans to create and foster an entire community center packed with information, forums, one on one support and some other stuff we have yet to find out about. Needless to say this is VERY exciting news to hear, and it sounds like it's going to be great for us! I only wish I had something even close to that when I was trying to conceive our first child.

Right now, they are still building the whole site and getting their products together from what I gather from their current temporary site. But what I want to draw ya'lls (please excuse my Texas heritage!) attention to right now is that on their temporary site they are offering a free report on how diet and conception go together. So this is what I want to bring to everyones attention right now, as this topic really is VERY important and can make a huge difference in your efforts. It's also something that you can start on right now to increase your chances of getting pregnant, so PLEASE PLEASE grab a copy of it! All Melissa is asking for right now is your name and email so that she cant send everything over to you and keep you updated on the progress of the main resource. Click here to get the free report right now.

I had a chance to look through it, and it's a really good piece of information to have so I would take advantage of it before the main site goes up and the free report is no longer there. Again you can get the report at Instant Conception Center.Com

P.S. I just want to point out that none of the links I provide in my blogs are affiliate links or for profit. Instant Conception Center.Com is NOT my site or service and I don't serve to gain from it in any way.