Thursday, February 7, 2008

The Beginning - Problems Getting Pregnant

It all started just about a year after my husband and I got married, and decided that it was time to start creating and raising a family. We had always talked about it, even while we were dating and knew that some day when we were both ready we would try and start a family of our own.

Like most couples however, we didn't really put to much thought into the possibility of it not occurring. I mean really who does? These are the kind of moments you dream of when your a little girl, planning your wedding, and joking with your friends about how many kids you'll have and what your kids will do (us girls know how this works!) on and so on.

So when the time came around for my husband I to start trying get pregnant, we honestly never even considered the thought that it would take us so long, and put us through such heartache just to conceive a baby boy or girl. It wasn't until the first time we tried and I had my period that I started to maybe think that we might have some problems getting pregnant, but even then I never thought it would be so serious of an issue.

I just thought like any woman would, that it was just about effort and persistence, and it will happen soon.

About two months went by, and we were still having problems getting pregnant, and it's not like we weren't trying either ;). Call it feminine or maternal instinct, but I felt deep down that something was wrong, and there was more to this then just plain dumb luck....

2 months & Counting, and we were still having the same problems getting pregnant and conceiving a boy or girl...

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