Sunday, February 10, 2008

Month 3 & Still Trying to Get Pregnant - What Could Be Wrong?

It wasn't until about the 3rd month that my husband and I started to really think that something might be wrong. We understood that a lot of normal couples can try for upwards of a year before they get pregnant, but taking this long to get pregnant isn't exactly typical. We decided to contact our physician and have a talk with him to see what he might suspect or suggest that we do.

The morning of the appointment was brutal and very nerve wrecking for me. I remember not getting any sleep that night, and even crying a little bit by myself in the bathroom as I got ready to head out with my husband.

The entire time thinking of everything that could be going wrong, and what if the doctor told us that we we couldn't conceive or that something just wasn't normal. What if I had infertility issues? Or what if my husband had a abnormally low sperm count? All these things were running through my mind...and the thought of not being able to have a baby boy or girl to start my family was killing me.

The hospital was only 20 minutes away from home, but that morning even without any traffic, it felt hours long, and I wasn't even sure that I could go in without breaking down...


Tracy said...

Hi Michelle. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I have had so many friends and family memebers go through this. I think all of them eventually got pregnant! Some with twins! Hang in there. I am sure you will learn a lot in the process and in turn be able to comfort others going through the same thing.

Blessing to you!

Michelle Dunn said...

Hello Tracy! Thank so much for your comment! I actually have 3 wonderful children (2 boys and a girl). I had a very tough time getting pregnant with the first and this blog is my experience of it all, in kinda of a day by day sorta fashion. I'm also putting out information and trying to give all the help that I can to other couples that are having a very tough time getting pregnant.

I loved your blog by the way and bookmarked it of course ;)! I'll be checking up on you soon!


balin said...

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Michelle Dunn said...


Thank you so so much! I was just wondering about this yet again about an hour ago! I'm gonna head on back to your blog right now and start reading!

Thank you!! :)

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