Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Doctors Visit...a VERY Bad Day...

It was time now...we finally pulled up to our doctors office after what seemed like a 10 hour drive (in reality it was only a 20 minute drive or so). As I got out the car, I felt that uneasy and unnerving feeling coming over know the one that warns you that something will be wrong.

Never in my life had I felt so "off" while sitting there in a doctors office, waiting for our names to be called.

The part that I left out in my previous posts was that we suspected all along that my husband might have a lower sperm count then normal, and two weeks earlier we decided that he needed to go give a sperm sample and get it tested for sperm count. Today the results were in, along with those results the doctor was also going to turn through some other things that might be an issue.

Remember, it's been about 3 and half months to this point since my husband I have been trying to get pregnant, and there are no signs of any progress what so ever. Doesn't matter if we used an ovulation chart, or anything that was recommended by the doctor...nothing seemed to work and all of our friends and family members didn't seem to have a problem getting pregnant.

"Mr. & Mrs. Dunn"...the lump in my throat came back...that's's our turn to go and talk to the doctor...


Anonymous said...

this part of your story really touched me, i had to take stop reading for a sec because i started tearing up. hubby and i are going thru this very thing right now, and it really hit close to home. i keep reading your posts waiting to hear how you finally got pregnant!


Emily Shanks said...

Im very sorry to hear all this is happening to u. it took us a while to get pregnant (5 months) but thankfully all was in check. We'll pray for you and your husband tonight

wishing you the best,


heater said...

Hey Emily!

Shes not going thru this all right now this was all in the past like she states in her first post but i thought that too! haha

Michelle is just basically recoletting on her past and her trouble with everything and trying to help and connect with those who are having trouble getting pregnant or at least i hope so! thanks for the posts Michelle, keep it up please!!